SIL SISSIL Rated Safety Systems

Safety Systems take a lot of thought and design to develop the Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) before the selection of safety requirements. The manufacturing, processing, handling and storage of volatile or combustible materials require that Safety Integrity Level (SIL) rated systems and controls continue to function consistently within the certification. We offer not only the highest level of safety control systems, but also the instrumentation, gas detection, valves, BMS and know-how to implement these systems. We have implemented significant SIL2 and SIL3 rated safety systems in refineries, gas plants and chemical plants across various applications.

Schneider Electric SIL

Schneider Electric SIL Rated Safety Systems

Schneider Modicon Quantum PLC is certified SIL 3 by the TÜV Rheinland Group for use in applications up to SIL3 according to IEC 61508. Designed around the proven technology of the Modicon™ Quantum™ family of PLCs, the SIL3 Modicon Quantum PLC is programmed using Unity™ Pro XLS software known for its reliability and robustness. This allows industrial Modicon PLC's to be programmed with one software package. Schneider's hardware and application software ports to the SIL3-rated Modicon Quantum Safety PLC which results in reduced training requirements and simplified diagnostics and maintenance. 

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Honeywell SIL

Honeywell SIL Rated Safety Systems

Honeywell knows safety and has implemented some of the largest SIL3 and SIL2 safety systems in the world using the powerful Safety Manager. Honeywell proudly offers the proven and affordable HC900 as a SIL2 safety system. For SIL3 rated Burner Management Systems, Honeywell offers the SLATE Flame SafeGuard system. 

Triconex SIL

Triconex SIL Rated Safety Systems

Triconex offers a suite of safety systems. The Tricon CX form factor for limited space and weight is desired. Tricon is for the triple redundant safety systems. Trident is scalable from 48 I/O up to 40,000 I/O systems. Triconix GP is for general purpose SIL2 applications.

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