Rotating Equipment

Relevant Rotary

Businesses that rely on rotating equipment for the continued success of their operation are aware of the complexities associated with the selection of proper equipment and the ongoing challenges of sustaining a reliable, safe and efficient operation.  Relevant Solutions is a comprehensive service and equipment provider that expertly supports your needs. 

Starting with project development, our team of design engineers and project managers collaborate with our business consultants and account managers providing a combination of business and engineering solutions for your application. Engineering plans solutions meeting the requirements of environment and material selection to specification compliance and document control during every step of the endeavor; account management works with you in developing the financial aspect that best meets your business structure – you get the choice for configuring the best alternative meeting your total needs.  Whether you want to consider shedding assets from your balance sheet and renting; leasing; or outright purchasing equipment you require, our solutions include opportunities beyond just the machinery.

Further, if you require only to utilize our distributed products from Tuthill for vacuum service and low pressure gas, Travaini pumps or Ingersoll-Rand air compressors for industrial compression applications; we have a relevant solution for you.

Need a tailor-made solution? Our comprehensive engineering, design and project management team can provide custom configurations. We not only fabricate to meet your specifications, we create integrated solutions to meet the demands for any application. 

Our services team operates globally with support beginning with the project commissioning/start-up through long-term care, contingency plans, and full turnkey installation services with licensed in-house electricians for any electrical necessities. Relevant Solutions welcomes the opportunity to participate in any of your application requirements along the pressure spectrum, from deep vacuum to extreme high pressure; from air and nitrogen to the most challenging process gases. Leveraging experience, knowledge and skill gained over four decades; Relevant Solutions is not only a solutions provider, but also your partner throughout the lifecycle of your projects.

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