Acromag Temperature TransmitterProcess Controls & Systems Accessories

It is unattainable to have a functioning system application without acquiring accessories including I/O systems, networks and IS barriers. Applications also require signal conditioning and converters for Industrial Ethernet, Foundation Fieldbus converters, Modbus converters, Profibus DP, Profibus PA, ASI, HART and DeviceNet. All of these foundations will need to be connected with cables, connectors, switches, hubs, converters, isolators and signal splitters as well as intrinsic safety barriers. Some applications may also benefit from Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches and injectors, protocol, media and serial converters.

Acromag Accessories

Acromag Process Control & Systems Accessories

As a leader in industrial I/O, Acromag has the most comprehensive offering of control and system products and accessories in the market. These components include: power supplies, connection heads, DIN rail kits, enclosures, terminal blocks, power bus connectors, cables and adapters. These devices are used in many industries such as military, transportation, scientific, manufacturing and public utilities.

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Schneider Electric Accessories

Schneider Electric Process Control & Systems Accessories

Automation and control system solutions are the primary focus for Schneider Electric. Schneider provides best-in-class interface modules, programmable relays, motion controllers and robotics. A few available accessories are HMI's, power supplies, signaling units, enclosures, power busbars, and linergy distribution blocks. These components are used across the industrial infrastructure and commercial sector. From basic control to advanced process systems, Schneider Electric has a solution for every control and system accessories need. 

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red lion Accessories

Red Lion Process Control & Systems Accessories

As a worldwide manufacturer of communication, control and monitoring system solutions, Red Lion continues to set the standard for industrial automation, networking and real-time data acquisition with component offerings for HMI's, counters, panel meters, protocol converters, ethernet switches, cellular M2M and visual management. With one of the most comprehensive selections in the industry, Red Lion’s accessory offering is hard to beat.

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TURCK Accessories

Turck Process Control & Systems Accessories

Turck is a global manufacturer of HMI's, RFID systems, interface technology, connectivity and sensors and stands alone as an industry leader for control and system accessories. Their offering consists of power supplies, block I/O, safety barriers, relays, adapters and cable. With more than 4,000 people working across 28 countries, Turck is one the most trusted names in control and system technology.

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PULS Valve & Regulator Accessories

PULS Control & System Accessories 

With a singular focus on designing and manufacturing DIN rail power supplies, PULS utilizes the creative minds of more than 50 development engineers. Their power supplies provide efficiency up to 95.2% and ranges from 1W to 1,000W.

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IDEC Valves & Regulators Accessories

IDEC Control & System Accessories 

Providing automation and control products across a global network is at the core of IDECs business model. They are renowned for manufacturing power supplies to fit any application. IDEC also provides PLCs, HMIs, relays, switches, barriers, timers and signaling solutions. 

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