Releflow RTURTU & Flow Computers

Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) and Flow Computers tend to be multifunctional devices. You will see them used as Micro PLCs, relay controllers, safety controllers, motor control, low-power PLC, custody transfer computers, or touchscreen flow computers. If you do not have access to power or have budget constraints, RTU is the optimal choice. Our list of manufacturers and model selection guides can help navigate you through the many factors for measurements or indicators to fit your needs. 

Honeywell RTU

Honeywell RTU & Flow Computers

Honeywell RTU2020 acts as a RTU and a Flow Computer. It has the following distinguishing features: Micro PLCs, RTU motor control, low-power, custody transfer computers, and HART enabled I/O.

Schneider Electric SCADA

Schneider RTU & Flow Computers

Schneider Electric has been providing RTUs for Smart Grid applications for a very long time and their history and expertise show in their use of technology for their products. Schneider SCADAPACK acts as a RTU and a Flow Computer that offers: Micro PLCs, RTU motor control, low-power, and custody transfer computers.

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Red Lion RTU

Red Lion RTU & Flow Computers

Red Lion's Sixnet® series industrial RTU's are available in a wide array of models and are perfect for advanced automation requirements. Available in different sizes, communication ports, and on-board I/O options, Red Lion RTU acts as a RTU and a Flow computer and can provide Micro PLCs, RTU motor control, low-power, and custody transfer computers. 



IDEC RTU acts as a RTU and has Micro PLCs, RTU motor control and low-power. With Modbus TCP Client and Server standard in FT1A SmartAXIS, connecting to SCADA systems or communicating with other devices including VFDs are simple and easy. Modbus RTU using RS232C/RS485 adapter can also be supported.

Relevant Releflow

Releflow RTU & Flow Computers

Relevant Solutions' very own brand, Releflow, is an RTU and a Flow Computer for measurement and control capability in remote installations.  Releflow combines a touch screen configuration, fast processor, on-board and expandable memory and 28 mixed I/O. Releflow can be packaged with wireless communication, batteries and charger, and a solar panel for fully independent operations. 

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