Relevant Solutions offers a wide range of industrial burners for almost every industrial heating application with reliable gas burners, low NOx burners, oil burners, dual-fuel burners, and complete industrial burner systems. All of our burners are supported by a team of combustion engineers and are approved to codes to ensure success. 

Maxon Burner

Maxon Burners

Since 1916, Maxon has been the pioneer of industrial heating with ISO 9001 certified new technology and design that is focused on emission control. Their industrial burners and combustion equipment include: oil burners, gas burners, shut off and flow control valves and low NOx burners. 

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Honeywell Eclipse Burner

Honeywell Eclipse Burners

Eclipse offers custom combustion systems designed to meet specific customer requirements and jurisdictional codes anywhere in the world. This includes oil burners, gas burners, high and low temperature burners, direct fired furnace burners, self-recuperative and radiant tube burners, oxy-fueled burners and burners for the glass industry, line-style air heating and duct burners, immersion burners, and indirect air heaters. 

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Hauck Burner

Hauck Burners

Hauck offers the most reliable industrial burners for global combustion applications including solutions for the asphalt, glass, brick, metal, and drying industries.

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