Pressure Transmitters

Pressure Transmitter

Technology differentiation between pressure transducers and pressure transmitters can be difficult to discern since they both convert a pressure signal into a desired output. For the sake of defining a transducer from a transmitter, we have defined a transmitter as a device that converts a process condition (in this case pressure) to a desired output (Foundation Fieldbus, 4-20mA, etc.) and has the ability to be ranged in the field, reconfigured in the shop, and has bus capabilities (Profibus PA, HART, Foundation Fieldbus, etc.). When selecting a pressure transmitter and accessories, consider the following: metallurgy and material compatibility with the process, pressure rating, signal type (4-20mA), pressure range and connection. Below you will find some helpful information to select the measurement or indicator that fulfills your requirements.

Honeywell Pressure Transmitter

Honeywell Pressure Transmitters

Honeywell offers a range of SmartLine®  ST700 & ST800 pressure transmitters including: absolute, gauge, level, remote seals, smart multivariable (SMV), flange pressure, draft range pressure, wireless pressure and many more. The unique design offers the lowest cost of ownership with a modular design that allows field repair, push button configuration, highest turndown 400:1 and DCS integration such as transmitter messaging.

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Dwyer Pressure Transmitter

Dwyer Pressure Transmitters

Dwyer designs and manufactures a full line of transmitters with accessories to measure, monitor display and control pressure in a variety of applications and industries in the USA. Dwyer offers several models of transmitters for low and high pressure, explosion-proof, digital transmitters with built in switches, sanitary applications, flush diaphragm and intrinsically safe applications. 

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ABB Pressure Transmitter

ABB Pressure Transmitters

ABB has a portfolio of pressure transmitters including: absolute, gauge, level, remote seals, smart multivariable (SMV), flange pressure, draft range pressure, wireless pressure and many more. This unique design offers the first “through-the-glass-configuration” which removes the need for handheld configuration and supports an easy setup.

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AMETEK Pressure Transmitter

AMETEK Pressure Transmitters

AMETEK has a broad variety of pressure transmitters that serve industrial and high purity applications. The industrial Model 88 offers a lightweight, FM and CSA explosion proof and intrinsically safe approvals. The HTP100 high purity transmitter was developed for the semiconductor industry to deal with highly reactive or toxic applications. 

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UE Pressure Transmitter

United Electric (UE) Pressure Transmitters

United Electric has been synonymous with delivering high quality switches that protect equipment in a manufacturing environment. United Electric has increased equipment protection by integrating a switch, a transmitter, a gauge and a SIL2 logic solver in one device with the new One Series Safety Transmitter. In addition to the One Series United Electric has introduced the TX200H series pressure transmitter with proprietary calibration that ensures optimal temperature compensation. 

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