Pressure Transducers & Sensors

Temperature Transducers & Sensors

Transducers are great for fixed range temperature measurement across several applications. Our transducer selection has a wide range of applications. Temperature transducers come in thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors and infrared. In our portfolio, there are also specialty transducers for the food and beverage industry and the semiconductor industry.

Dwyer Temperature Sensor

Dwyer Temperature Transducers & Sensors

Dwyer designs and manufactures in the US a full-line of temperature transducers sensors for RTDs, Infrared (IR) and Thermocouples. Dwyer offers the ILA Series for Inline IR temperature transducers, RTDs, Thermocouples, Mineral insulated Thermocouples, series 6 sensors for extruders and plastics, TS-PROBES digital temperature probes and much more. 

UE Temperature Transducers

United Electric (UE) Temperature Sensors

United Electric offers RTDs, Thermocouples, Thermistors, Integrated Circuit Temperature Sensors and a temperature sensor accessory kit. 

WIKA Temperature Transducer

WIKA Temperature Transducer & Sensors

WIKA offers RTDs, thermocouples, thermistors, thermometer. Their thermocouple range includes multipoint thermocouples, high pressure, surface, tubeskin, bayonet, ring lug, under band, high temperature thermocouples and many other configurations. 

Pyromation Temperature Sensor

Pyromation Temperature Sensors

Pyromation offers a range of RTDs & Thermocouples. The Pyromation portfolio includes FD series for Food, Dairy & Pharmaceutical, GP series for sensors and connection heads, FD Series for non-intrusive, PL Series for plastics, RT Series for general purpose, SP Series for Special Purpose and the XP Series for Explosion proof and many others. 

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ifm Temperature Transducer

IFM Temperature Transducers & Sensors

IFM has a full-line of temperature transducers sensors for RTDs, Infrared (IR) and Thermocouples. IFM offers TW Series for Inline IR temperature transducers, RTDs, Thermocouples. IFM has a wide range of temperature transducers and sensors for sanitary applications.

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