Temperature Gauges and IndicatorsTemperature Gauges & Indicators

Temperature gauges may seem simple at first glance; however, they can be very complex once you consider flanging, pressure ranges, dial size, insertion length, temperature, liquid filled and many other components. We proudly represent multiple manufacturers to ensure your have the best temperature indicator for your needs.

AMETEK Temperature Gauge

AMETEK Temperature Gauges & Indicators

AMETEK produces temperature gauges that are bimetallic, glass tube, multi-angle and digital thermometer. 

Dwyer Temperature Gauge

Dwyer Temperature Gauges & Indicators

Dwyer's dial gauges, spirit-filled thermometers and digital indicators are offered with several mounting options. 

WIKA Temperature Gauge

WIKA Temperature Gauges & Indicators

WIKA's temperature gauges and indicators leverage mechanical measuring systems, contacts, output signals and electrical connections, to increase the switch portfolio for the most complex applications. They offer IR, RTD, gas filled, thermocouple sensing technology merged with gauges, switches and transducers built into a single but multi-purpose device.

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