Temperature Transmitters

Temperature Transmitter

When you need accurate and reliable temperature measurement, Relevant Solutions can make your temperature transmitter selection simple. Our deep portfolio of temperature transmitters that interface with a temperature sensor such as an RTD or a thermocouple can be field-mounted and configured in-line. There are several options with representation of world leading manufacturers in temperature instruments. We proudly offer leading technology in products and accessories that are enhanced with our renowned talent ready to assist you.  

Honeywell Temperature Transmitter

Honeywell Temperature Transmitters

Honeywell provides a wide selection of temperature transmitters for RTD's and thermocouples. The SmartLine® portfolio includes ST750 & ST850 offering dual chamber configuration; STT650 offers DIN Rail mounted temperature transmitters; STT3000 offers the STT250 and STT170 capable of getting into a temperature sensor head or mounted in the DIN Rail panel or Field Mounted on a two-inch pipe. These units come with several communication options which include 4 to 20mA analog output, HART Protocol and DE Protocol. 

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Dwyer Temperature Transmitter

Dwyer Temperature Transmitters

Manufactured in the USA, Dwyer offers the 652 high accuracy programmable transmitter, the series 651 linearized transmitter, the series 659 Push Button transmitter, the series TTE Explosion Proof LCD display transmitter, the series BTO with thermometer and transmitter output and the HHT Hazardous Humidity and Temperature transmitter. 

ABB Temperature Transmitter

ABB Temperature Transmitters

The ABB portfolio of temperature transmitters for RTD's and Thermocouples includes TTF300 Field Mounted transmitter, TTH200 head mounted seal transmitter, STT100 temperature transmitter.

Acromag Temperature Switch

Acromag Temperature Transmitters

Acromag's offering of temperature transmitters for RTD's and thermocouples include ST130series Field Mounted transmitter, TT230 DIN Rail mounted temperature transmitters, TT330 4-wire DIN Rail mounted temperature transmitters, 600 single/dual channel DIN Rail mounted temperature transmitters.

UE Temperature Transmitter

United Electric (UE) Temperature Transmitters

United Electric has been synonymous with delivering high quality switches that protect equipment in the manufacturing environment. United Electric has increased equipment protection by integrating a switch, a transmitter, a gauge and a SIL2 logic solver in one device with the new One Series Safety Transmitter. In addition to the new One Series, UE still has the reliable series 6, 100 series switch, 117 series switch and the 120 series explosion proof temperature switch. 

Raytek Temperature Transmitter

Raytek (IR) Temperature Transmitters

Raytek delivers a wide range of Infrared (IR) temperature sensors and software. Raytek's portfolio includes: fixed IR sensors with compact Series (temperature range -40C to 1,800C), Marathon Series (temperature range -40C to 3,000C), Themalert Series (Temperature range -18C to 2,000C). Additionally, Raytek has fixed thermal imagers, infrared lines scanners and infrared process imaging. Ryatek’s IR process imaging is used to optimize glass plants, plastic processing, rotary kilns and wallboard production. 

Pyromation Temperature Transmitter

Pyromation Temperature Transmitters

Pyromation has high quality RTD sensor, theromcouples, and thermowells. Pyromation's offering includes the 642 series head or field mounted transmitter, 400 series head or DIN Rail mounted temperature transmitters.

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