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Pressure switches are very important for process information and equipment protection. Pressure switches can be differential, gauge, and vacuum. When selecting the pressure switch and the pressure accessories that go along with the job, consider the following: metallurgy and material compatibility with the process, pressure rating, signal type (120VAC, 24VDC, etc.), pressure range, contact sets (Normally Open or Normally Closed), contact inrush amperage rating and connection. Below you will find our wide offering of standard and specialty pressure switches that suit many different applications.

UE Pressure Switch copy

United Electric (UE) Pressure Switches

United Electric has been synonymous with delivering high quality switches that protect equipment in a manufacturing environment. Untied Electric has increased equipment protection by integrating a switch, a transmitter, a gauge and a SIL2 logic solver in one device with the new One Series Safety Transmitter. In addition to the new One Series UE still have the reliable 6 series switch, 100 series switch, 117 series switch and the 120 series explosion proof pressure switch. 

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Honeywell Pressure Switch

Honeywell Pressure Switches

Honeywell offers high, medium and low pressure switches for vacuum and pressure applications. The HE & HP series serve high-pressure applications up to 4,500PSI. MH & MP series serve medium pressure ranges from 25PSI to 500PSI.  The LP & LE series serve low pressures from 3.5PSI to 150PSI.

AMETEK Pressure Switch

AMETEK Pressure Switches

AMETEK has the PST360 series that integrates a transducer, switch and bi-color LED display in one device with pressures up to 10,000PSI. 

Dwyer Pressure Switch

Dwyer Pressure Switches

A proud American manufacturer of pressure switches, Dwyer offers a full line including accessories to measure monitor display and control pressure, differential pressure, gas and vacuum in industrial applications. Dwyer’s model H3, a heavy-duty switch, has a unique new design upbeat utilizes a rotary motion transfer shaft that provides sensitivity to differential pressures as low as 10 inches of water (254MM WC).  Yet, it can handle a total pressure of 1,500PSI (103BAR). It also yields dead band approximately 5% of range. 

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WIKA Pressure Switch

WIKA Pressure Switches

WIKA designs and manufactures a full line of switches that leverage mechanical measuring systems, contacts, output signals and electrical connections to increase the switch portfolio for the most complex applications. Also offered are bourdon tube and switch configurations along with diaphragm pressure gauges with switch contacts. 

ifm Pressure Switch

IFM Pressure Switches

IFM makes setup simple with push button configuration and local displays on their pressure switch product line with complimentary accessories. IFM has switches specifically made for hydraulic, pneumatic and vacuum applications. Also offered are pressure switches, transducers and gauges built into one compact device. 

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