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Anderson-Snow – Direct replacement and custom-engineered finned coils; steam and chilled water coils for heating and cooling; paper mill coils for paper machines, recovery boilers and pulp mills


API Basco – Type 500 standard shell and tube heat exchangers; pre-engineered shell and tube heat exchangers to ASME/TEMA ‘C’/API 614; lube oil coolers; pipeline air after-coolers and moisture separators; compressor inter-coolers and after-coolers; custom-engineered shell and tube heat exchangers to all TEMA types and constructions; double pipe and multi-tube hairpin heat exchangers; steam surface condensers

Schmidt - Schmidt offers plate heat exchangers and thermal systems. Introduced in 1879, Schmidt plate heat exchangers include industry-leading gasketed (special and standard gaskets), all-welded, semi-welded, double-wall, and brazed products for most industrial markets. Thermal process systems include evaporation systems, dealcoholization plants, and pasteurizers used for thermal treatment of various liquids in all industries.

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Fluid Power Energy (FPE) – Thermostatic control valves; electronic control valves; (direct replacements for AMOT valves)

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Kelvion (fka GEA Heat Exchangers) – Custom (API 661) process air-cooled heat exchangers; Custom and standard design compact fin radiators, closed circuit water coolers, and transformer oil coolers in compliance with ASME Code; Industrial plate and frame heat exchangers; Waste heat recovery units, Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG), economizers and air preheaters; Steam surface condensers for power and industrial applications; Printed circuit heat exchangers (PCHE) 


Hazloc – Explosion-proof electric and hydronic heaters; ideal for industrial grade enclosures in harsh operating conditions; options include 60Hz, 50Hz, and ATEX certifications


Reco USA – Custom-fabricated pressure vessels up to 1 ¼-inch thick walls; materials of construction include carbon steel, stainless steel, copper alloy and nickel alloys


Scelerin - API 560 direct fired process heaters and furnaces for oil refinery, petrochemical, and chemical applications including crude, CCR, and hydrotreater units, EDC pyrolysis and steam superheaters.  Services include new design and fabrication, heater revamps and replacements, engineering studies, replacement parts, and emergency response. Non-API horizontal and vertical direct fired heaters; convection heaters, waste heat recovery systems, and thermal oxidizers; component heaters and packaged systems


Thermal Transfer Products – Standard air-cooled and shell and tube heat exchanger products for oil cooling

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