Loop ControllersLoop Controllers, Limits & Recorders

Loop controllers, limits and recorders can help you optimize your process in effective ways and are offered in many options for a customized solutions. Let our team help you get the information when and where you need it with our offering of recorders. Looking for local display or web-based data? We have the data recorder to fit any need. Loop controllers have many sophisticated options from “ramp” and “soak” control to simple batch controllers. Limits can be as simple as an alarm or as complex as SIL Safety Loop with FM approvals for specific applications.

Honeywell Loop Controller

Honeywell Loop Controllers, Limits and Recorders

Honeywell offers controllers, programmers, recorders and limits. Honeywell's popular UDC Controller and Limit series are available in 1/16 DIN, 1/32 DIN, 1/4 DIN, 1/8 DIN and programmers that perform basic to complex requirements and feature universal inputs. Honeywell’s new EasySet digital controllers provide precise temperature control of single input and single control output temperature chambers, furnaces, ovens, dryers and packaging machines. Honeywell offers Process Internet Explorer (PIE) software for simple set up of UDC and EasySet controllers. Honeywell Recorders  come in paper and paperless configurations. For paper recorders with control Honeywell offers the DR4300 and DR4500 circular chart recorders. For paperless recorders Honeywell offers the DR Graphic Recorder, eZtrend, Minitrend, Multitrend and Trendmanager Professional Software suite. 

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Dwyer Controller

Dwyer Loop Controllers, Limits and Recorders

Dwyer designs and manufactures a full-line of controllers, limits, paper recorders, and data loggers in the USA. Dwyer controllers offer flow control for pulse inputs with the MPM series, for pump control the MPC series, for dual Pump the DPC series and a line of temperature controllers. Alarm Limits Series SC1 is offered for process and temperature alarms, SLD for leak detection and limit. Dwyer paper circular chart recorders come in the single pin LCR10 model and dual pin LCR20 model. For digital data acquisition consider using the DL Series for temperature and pressure.

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Red Lion Controller

Red Lion Loop Controllers, Limits and Data Loggers

Red Lion Controllers include TSC/PSC Series for setpoint program controller for time versus temperature (ramp/soak) applications. The T48/P48 Series are designed for temperature and process control mounted to 1/16 DIN. The PXU Series are available in 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 DIN size models. The PXU accepts process, thermocouple and RTD signals and presents values on one of the industry’s largest dual display. PAX2C Series in 1/18 DIN size offers universal inputs, including thermocouples, RTD's, process signals, DC current/voltage and resistance. DLC Series are for Dual Loop Control. For data logging the Data Station Plus (DSP) offers multiple protocol conversion, data logging and remote machine access. 

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Acromag Controller

Acromag Loop Controllers, Limits and Data Loggers

Acromag offers a robust line of limits and signal conditioning in the market. They include limits for universal inputs, AC voltage/current limits, DC voltage/Current Limits, millivolt, thermocouple, RTD, frequency, Slidewire/ Potentiometer, and Strain Gage/ Load Cell Limits. Acromag's APM Panel Meter acts as a display, controller and limit all built in one panel mounted meter.  

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AMETEK Controller

AMETEK Loop Controller

AMETEK knows pneumatic pressure measurements and they offer Model 40 Pneumatic Pressure Controller. The Model 40 has proportional band adjustments for controlling processes where load changes are infrequent and can be corrected by the manual reset feature.

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