PLC PACProgrammable Logic Controllers (PLC) & Process Automation Controllers (PAC)

PLCs and PACs are an important part of plant and factory automation. They come in several programing languages defined by IEC 61131-3 that includes Ladder Diagram (LD); Sequential Function Charts (SFC); Function Block Diagram (FBD); Structured Text (ST); and Instruction List (IL). We are ready to help you select the best PLC or PAC for your needs with our in-house expertise and products supported by the world's best manufacturers. 

Schneider Electric PLC

Schneider PLC & PAC systems

Schneider Electric Modicon offers a full line of innovative PLC’s and PAC's. Modicon, known for innovation, introduced the first PLC in 1968 and launched the first PAC in 1996. They continue to lead the way with the first web-embedded PAC, the first all in one PAC and the first ePAC. The Modicon M171 and M172 are used for optimizing HVAC and pumping applications. The M221 is for small to medium machine control and the M340 PAC is for medium process automation. The M241 and M251 are for advanced machine automation and the M580 ePAC is used for medium to large process automation. Schneider has a wide array of I/O and software options.

Honeywell PLC

Honeywell PAC & PLC

Honeywell offers the HC900 as both a PAC and a SIL2 safety system. For PLC's, Honeywell provides MasterLogic and ControlEdge.

Red Lion PLC

Red Lion PLC

The Red Lion CSMSTR Modular Controller allows for a custom controller to be configured for each application. The CSMSTR allows up to 16 slave modules to be connected and powered by a single master controller.



IDEC brought some of the first micro Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) to the market. The MicroSmart Series focus on medium I/O counts up to 520 digital I/O and 126 Analog I/O and the SmartAxis portfolio focuses on lower I/O counts with advanced control needs.

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