Pressure Transducers

Pressure TransducersPressure transducers are used in a variety of applications including high pressure for oil and gas, sanitary for food and beverage and specialty transducer for semiconductor. Transducers are used to convert pressure into an analog electrical signal and has the ability to be ranged in the field or reconfigured in our shop.  So many varieties with such leading technology, you can be sure that Relevant has the experts available to help you select the right pressure transducer that meets your requirements. Check out the world's top manufacturers that Relevant represents for you below.

Honeywell Pressure Transducer

Honeywell Pressure Transducers

Honeywell's portfolio includes pressure transducers that are amplified and pressure compensated. There are several choices of ports, connectors, outputs and pressure ranges. Additionally they have an ISA100 wireless, intrinsically safe, pressure transducer in both gauge and absolute pressure with pressure range up to 15,000PSI.

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AMETEK Pressure Transducer

AMETEK Pressure Transducers

AMETEK has a variety of pressure transducers that serve the industrial and high purity applications. ACT pressure transducer is an analog compensated unit with a 0 to 100 mV output in pressures ranges from vacuum to 1,500PSI and used in the general industrial and OEM markets. DCT pressure transducer is a digitally compensated unit available with many different outputs including 4-20 mA, 1-6 VDC, 1-5 VDC and 0-5 VDC and has ranges from 0-1PSI up to 0-3,000PSI. The PST360 integrates a transducer, switch and bi-color LED display in one device with pressures up to 10,000PSI.

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Dwyer Pressure Transducer

Dwyer Pressure Transducers

Dwyer designs and manufactures a full line of transducers with accessories to measure, monitor display and control pressure in a variety of applications and industries in the USA. Dwyer is widely known for their manometer but also offers several models of transducers for low and high pressure, explosion-proof, digital transducers with built in switches, sanitary applications, flush diaphragm and intrinsically safe applications. 

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WIKA Pressure Transducer

WIKA Pressure Transducers

WIKA's full line of transducers with accessories to measure, monitor and display pressure can be used in a variety of applications and industries. WIKA has transducers specifically made for general industry, submersible level, mobile working machines, hydraulic applications, hazardous areas, air compressors and medical gases. 

ifm Pressure Transducer

IFM Pressure Transducers

IFM transducers are built to last and meet challenging requirements of industrial applications. IFM has transducers specifically made for hydraulic, sanitary, pneumatic & submersible level. They also have pressure witches, transducers and gauges built into one compact device. 

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