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Relevant Solutions offers blower solutions along with engineered systems and services.

Gardner Denver Blowers

Centrifugal Blowers & Vacuum Solutions

Gardner Denver manufacturers fabricated, high speed, multi-stage, regenerative and remanufactured blower solutions that can be custom built and engineered to create effective solutions.

Maxon Blower

Maxon CBL, SC & FG Blowers

Maxon manufactures three series of blowers; Series CBL 6 oz, Series SC 8 oz & Series FG Blowers. Maxon’s blowers range from 1/2HP to 50HP and produce air capacities ranging from 150 CFM to 5375 CFM. Optional accessories such as filters, silencers, and outlet connectors provide flexible solutions for all your combustion air supply needs.   

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Eclipse Blower

Eclipse SMJ Blowers & Hermetic Gas Boosters

The Eclipse SMJ Blower is the most versatile and user-friendly blower on the market. It can be used for cooling, conveying, drying, liquid agitation, smoke abatement, vacuum cleaning, flume and dust exhausting, and other low-temperature applications. Eclipse Hermetic Boosters are used to increase the pressure of any gas or air/gas mixture not corrosive to aluminum or steel. These boosters are UL listed when handling natural or manufactured gases.

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HauckTurbo Burner

HauckTurbo Blowers

The Hauck direct drive Turbo Blower is available in six pressure ranges from 12–36 osig (5.2—15.5 kPa) and 63 different sizes ranging from 240 to 13,000 scfm (6.4—348 nm3/min) for pro- viding large or small volumes of air at constant pressures. The Turbo Blower is designed to supply air for combustion or for any low pressure air application. 

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