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Relevant Solutions can provide all of your flame safeguard and combustion control needs. We specialize in many applications including air/fuel ration controls, flame sequencing, advanced controls, multi-burner, boiler controls, heater controls, flue gas recirculation (FGR), VFD fan control, SIL certified safety systems and many others.

Honeywell HC900Honeywell HC900

The Honeywell HC900 SIL-2 certified process and safety system is an advanced process and logic controller with a modular and scalable design. It is built to work in a wide range of process equipment in a cost effective way. The HC900 is capable of delivering a safety solution for burner management systems that is fully compliant with the performance-based standards IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 as well as the prescriptive standards NFPA 85, 86, 87 and ISA 84.  

Honeywell SLATEHoneywell SLATE

Honeywell SLATE offers revolutionary integration of configurable safety and programmable logic in a single, modular platform. This platform can be easily customized for almost any requirement or application including Air Fuel Ratio Control, Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR), O2 Trim, Lead/Lag, Reset Control, VFD Control, and Feedwater, Drum Level. A 7-inch color touchscreen display can be programmed using basic web page technology for a tailored end user experience. Slate is UL certified for the US and Canada, FM, CSD-1 acceptable and SIL-3 (coming soon). 

Honeywell Control LinksHoneywell ControLinks

Honeywell ControLinks Fuel Air Ratio Control System helps you realize real energy savings, increased turndown, reduced emissions and system reliability all in an easy to install, powerful and cost effective package. This microprocessor based control system simultaneously controls from two to four actuators associated with a full modulation power burner. The actuators control the position of primary and secondary fuel valves, combustion air dampers and the FGR damper- if used to provide optimal control and system efficiency throughout the entire firing rate of the system.

Maxon SmartLink MRVMaxon SmartLink MRV

Maxon’s Smartlink MRV system is an electronic parallel positioning system for air/fuel ratio control for use in industrial applications providing a high degree of precision, repeatability and durability. Direct coupled valve and actuator assemblies include weatherproof housing with integrated position feedback and heavy duty planetary gearheads for reliable, long-life operations. The system can store up to 22 point user customized profiles for each actuator. Each Smartlink valve is adjustable to 0.1 degree accuracy and are available with FM approval as non-incentive for Hazardous Locations Class 1, Division 2 , ATEX, and IEC Ex approval.

Maxon’s SMARTFIRE system incorporates air and fuel mass flow meters and allows for fuel totalization and even better control and accuracy.  

Fireye NexusFireye Nexus PPC4000

Fireye’s NEXUS PPC4000 system is an Air/Fuel Ratio Combustion Efficiency System designed to work with any Fireye or competitive Flame Safeguard System. NEMA 4 IP65 actuators are available in thee nominal torque ratings of 3/15 or 37LBS/FT.  With the optional O2 probe, the system can perform Oxygen Trim and VFD control. The NXD410 display offers a 4 line 40 character dot matrix backlit LCD for easy system configuration and trouble shooting.  

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