HMIHMI & Software

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and software have evolved significantly from only providing a local display to operators to functioning as web servers and mobile industrial PCs. They also contain a built-in microprocessor for PLC control with a set of I/O.

Schneider Electric HMISchneider Electric HMI

Schneider has a suite of HMIs with Magelis. They have HMI Controllers (HMI, PLC & I/O), small HMIs, advanced touch screens, handheld touchscreens, industrial PC's and the software that brings it all together.

red lion HMIRed Lion HMI

Red Lion offers several HMI's including operator panes, panel meters, large LED displays and visual management systems. They also have easy and intuitive software design for integration.


IDEC has a line of HMIs from simple text display, small monochrome, super-brite, LED backlight and high performance LCDs.

Honeywell HMIHoneywell HMI

Honeywell offers simple UDI1700 panel indicators and HC900 control stations built for easy integration with Honeywell control systems. 

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