Integrating the right vacuum pump or compressor into your application can be a complex process. Relevant Solutions specializes in the engineering, manufacturing and installation of standard and custom engineered solutions for a wide variety of industries as well as blower and vacuum applications. We are pioneers in the design and fabrication of special blower and vacuum systems for many environmental applications, from landfill gas recovery to other biogas energy applications. For most packages, certified engineering drawing packages are readily available for customer layout and piping design work.


Tuthill MPAK 2000

MPAK 2000 is value-engineered to meet specific applications and designed for simple installation. Open and enclosed blower package configurations provide CFM up to 2200, pressure up to 18 PSI, and vacuum down to 17” Hg. 

Relevant BoosterVacuum Booster

Vacuum boosters are used to “supercharge” vacuum pumps to greatly extend pump performance. This allows for much faster pumping speeds and deeper vacuum levels. 

Kinney VacuumKinney KLRC Two-Stage

This liquid-ring, two-stage vacuum is ideally suited for pumping wet mixtures and can pull down as low at 4Torr (5.3 mbar a). Relevant Solutions offers complete engineered system solutions for instrumentation, controls, piping and valves.

Relevant Solutions offers vacuum products from Tuthill.

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