Valves MainValve – a device for controlling the passage of fluid through a pipe or duct. They can be automated or manual. Designed for general applications or critical applications. Built for rugged and harsh environments or for general non-industrial use. The automation of a valve not only refers it’s actuation, but also includes positioning, feedback, and health diagnostics. Actuation can be accomplished through a number of means. You have manual actuation. (Whether a hand valve or a wheel) There is pneumatic operation, typically using air to open and close a valve. There is electric actuation, typically used when there is not a reliable source of air. There is hydraulic actuation used in niche applications. (subsea, pipeline, and the like…) Valve positioners compare a control signal to a valve actuator's position and move the actuator accordingly. They are used with both linear valves and rotary valves. Valve positioners are used when the 0.2 to 1 bar pressure in the diaphragm chamber is not able to cope with friction and high differential pressures. There is a variety of valve positioning, electro-pnuematic (I/P), pneumatic, digital, and electronic. Feedback is the communication of where the valve actually is in comparison to where the input says it should be. Feedback devices can come in the form of a positioner, HART signal, Profibus or Fieldbus signal, or a separate 4-20ma feedback transmitter. Lastly, Diagnostics. Diagnostics are typically sent via HART, Profibus, or Fieldbus signals. This data is collected in an Asset Management software, like Honeywell’s FDM (Field Device Manager) or Fishers AMS system. This HART data can be communicated via twisted pair, or wirelessly (either WirelessHART or ISA100) Relevant represents a number of valve manufacturers, Everything from globe style control valves, V-Ball control valves, Segmented control valves, Butterfly valves, ball valves, knife edge valve, gate valves and needle valves.

NorEast ValveNor'East Valves

100% American-Made + 100% Satisfaction Nor’ East Controls—a product line of Allagash International Group—and its line of globe control valves and specialty products (such as 3-way valves.) With a lengthy resume, they began as Honeywell in the 1950’s, were sold to DeZurik, then in 2010, was purchased by a privately held company, Nor’East. Now manufactured here at Nor’East Controls, this line of globe valves is the only 100 percent ‘Made in America’ products of its kind—from casting to assembly. With the addition of our second-to-none emphasis on customer service and satisfaction, we’ve taken this product to a whole new level.

AT Controls ValvesTriac / A-T Controls

Triac /AT Controls is a manufacturer of rotary valves and the actuation and controls for rotary valves. (Ball valves, segmented/v-ball valves, trunnion valves, and butterfly valves to include the automation packages to go with these valves.) With over $8million in inventory in Houston and another $16 million in Cincinnati, in most cases, delivery is never an issue. 

Dwyer ValvesDwyer Valves

Dwyer is a manufacturer of a variety of valves. Everything from Ball, Butterfly, Check, Globe, Needle, and Solenoid Valves; also Actuators, Air Filters, Connectors, Controllers, Current/Pressure Transducers, Positioners, Position Indicators, and Volume Boosters.

Maxon ValvesMaxon Valves

Revolutionizing the industrial heating industry since 1916, Maxon is still in the business of pioneering new cutting edge technologies and innovative product designs today. The ever-changing requirements placed on companies that rely on combustion are offset by our solid commitment to research and development and our focus on emission control. Maxon manufactures the industry leading safety shut-off valves for combustion fuel trains as well as their Smart Link Air/Fuel Ratio Control systems, to both minimize emissions, while maximizing the end user’s combustion efficiencies.

Honeywell ValvesHoneywell Valves

The Honeywell family of automatic safety shutoff valves consists of several combinations of fluid power actuators with V5055 / V5097 Industrial Gas Valves. While it is possible to combine any V5055 / V5097 Valve with any V4055, V4062, or V9055 Actuator, a limited range of combinations apply to the applications most often used. These valve/actuator combinations are used for large gas burners that require tight closeoff and accurate control of large amounts of fuel. The valve opens when the actuator is energized, and closes to seal off against the rated close-off pressure when power is removed. The actuator determines the method of firing. A V4055 is used for On-Off firing, a V4062 for Hi-Lo-Off firing, and a V9055 for Modulating firing. The V4062 and V9055 Actuators are normally used with the V5055 / V5097B Valve with characterized guide for accurate control and repeatability of low-fire positions. Valve/actuator combinations are available that provide proof-of-closure switch with valve seal over travel interlock. Note that high pressure valves and actuators are normally used only for On-Off firing. 

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