Energy Products & Services

Every day, the world is becoming more concerned with energy savings and reducing our carbon footprint. Responding to this concern has become a huge business opportunity. How can you as a contractor get involved? Our name is Relevant Solutions because we offer many professional and practical, or “relevant,” solutions. In the past, energy savings programs seemed to have been assembled using an Ouija board and tarot cards. Their lack of verifiable systems has created a situation in the market where energy savings plans are viewed with skepticism.

Another common obstacle to an energy savings project is a lack of budgeting. The third objection developers raise to energy projects is the lack of ability to measure and validate the savings and to keep systems operating efficiently into the future. Relevant Solutions has the solution to overcoming all of these hurdles. We also offer sales training and our own participation to fully support your sales efforts. Don’t wait for equipment to break or for new projects to come out on the plan-and-spec market before you engage in energy savings activity. Make your own opportunities by helping your customers save energy from the outset.

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