Switch Filtration - Billions & Billions Served (Almost)

Switch Filtration may not have served billions and billions, but the team did hit a nice milestone for our demineralized water filter element for the GE LM-6000 (P/N TM-900008) this past month. This part number is our highest volume seller and we have now "served" over 2000 of these filter elements. This is one of over 200 filter elements Switch Filtration has developed.

DSC_0033Switch carries these filter elements in stock for same day shipment with our version of a "SPEEDEE SERVICE SYSTEM". Roger Frakes, Thermal & Purification, says "I believe our system is superior to McDonalds as we have "served" approximately 20,000 filter elements without a single return for quality, fit or performance. This mindset of customer service WINS BUSINESS, and we continue to gain the respect of new customers every month. We might not have the volume of McDonald's, but they would love to have our track record for quality and percent gross margin!"

Congrats to the Switch Filtration team in this tremendous effort. For more information, please contact the Switch Team.