Relevant Connects Communities

Alerton PanelRelevant Solutions Building Solutions group is involved in the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) Trax Stations and the new Utah Valley Express UVX hybrid bus lines. TRAX, UTA’s light rail system, offers convenient connections to community destinations, shopping centers, schools and universities, Front Runner stations, bus hubs and Park & Ride lots throughout the Salt Lake valley. TRAX runs seven days per week, with 15-minute frequency during peak times. The new UVX is designed to look and act more like a train than a bus, although it operates on highways and on rubber wheels. The electric hybrid cars are 60 feet long instead of the 40 like most buses, with an accordion-like connector in its middle that allows it to bend around curves. Station platforms are elevated like a train, so passengers do not walk up bus stairs. 

Relevant Solutions provided an Alerton control system for all the platforms for both the light rail and UVX bus line. The control system is connected via a UTA Intranet IP system to a server at the main UTA office building giving them the ability to access all the platforms located through two counties.

City BusThe Alerton control system monitors the temperature and whether there is snow on the ground to enable the hot water or electric under slab snow melting system on every platform. In addition, the system controls the lights on the station. The parking and security lights are scheduled to come on at dusk and turn off at dawn based on an astronomical clock build into the system that uses latitude and longitude to calculate sunrise and sunset throughout the year.  By doing this it provides energy savings and extra safety by only having the lights on when necessary.  

The control system also controls the LED lighting along the façade of the platform and allows to remotely change the lighting colors based on certain events such as flashing red and green during Christmas and blue to support BYU or red for the University of Utah on game day. The system is also monitor for equipment failure and sending e-mail and text alarms to the appropriate individuals to respond if there are issues.

This is a really cool success story. Congrats to our team in Salt Lake City!