To Our Valued Partners,

We are excited to announce that beginning July 1, 2015, our company officially has a new name – Relevant Solutions.

This new name reflects our unique platform and new company structure, allowing us to integrate all our resources, capabilities and industry specific experience to serve you even better. Relevant Solutions brings together the most trusted and experienced brands in the industry to deliver critical service options – on-demand and on-point – through five significant channels:

  • Instrumentation & Automation - Instrumentation and automation is the art and science of measurement and control of process variables within a production, laboratory, or manufacturing area. Our I&A business unit specializes in field instrumentation, process control, DCS, industrial wireless, fire and gas detection, gas analysis and burner management systems. (formerly: Controlco Industrial, Controls West, INTEC Controls, Wilson Mohr and Western Controls) 
  • Rotating Equipment - We cover the full pressure spectrum from near perfect vacuum to extreme high pressure, from air to natural gas. Whatever the pressure situation, we can handle it all. Application, environment, materials and specification compliance are challenges we easily overcome and bring peace to an often chaotic project world. (formerly: Air & Gas Systems, Airdyne and ICS)
  • Thermal Equipment - There’s not a single manufacturing process in the world that doesn’t involve temperature exchange and control. Quality control, mill specs, and environmental control – the demands are great. Application and engineering knowledge are essential, and we engage in system application and exchanger design from small to large. (formerly: TMEC)
  • Purification - Process filtration and purification have always been important, and now these capabilities are made even more complex by mandated regulations and rigid standards. Precision operation means feeding each process with the highest quality products for the utmost quality control. We supply and service everything from filtering air for HVAC to filtering fuel gas, commercial and industrial water and liquids. (formerly: Switch Filtration and TMEC)
  • Building Solutions - In the future, buildings will all be smarter. Designed, engineered and constructed to be exceptionally dependable, environmentally efficient and ergonomically friendly work environments. To accomplish all this, control and automation systems will interconnect every building feature. Relevant has the experience to help write the criteria and direct the process so that every building can realize maximum workplace effectiveness and worker satisfaction. (formerly: INTEC Controls and Wilson Mohr)

Whatever the need, whatever the industry – we have Relevant Solutions.

You can find more information throughout our all new website, We look forward to partnering with you under our new Relevant Solutions name – all in the name of your continuous success. We are eager to serve our customers with an amplified level of devotion and quality.